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Inflammation Panel C Reactive Protein in Gainesville, GA

Inflammation is a process in which your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect you from infection and foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. When an area of the body becomes inflamed, like when you have a splinter or a bacterial infection like strep throat, the affected area becomes, swollen, hot, and often painful.

But Inflammation can also be an indicator of something more serious happening with your health, such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. One way doctors identify these conditions is by testing blood for C-Reactive Protein, or CRP.

CRP is known as “a non-specific marker”, which is a substance that may indicate disease. It is produced by the liver and increases during periods of a sudden rise in systemic inflammation. Some studies suggest that CRP levels might be an indicator of a person’s risk for heart disease. C-reactive proteins often increase as the result of other chronic diseases or infections. A C-reactive protein test measures the levels of inflammation in your body. C-reactive protein tests help to monitor diseases and will check for infection in the body. An inflammation panel, includes CRP and other blood tests, and allows us to track infection and disease.

Common Uses for an Inflammation Panel

Some common uses of an inflammation panel include:

  • Determining the progress of treatment of an infection
  • Monitoring infections and diseases, including:
  • Infection of a bone
  • Diseases of the immune system
  • Swelling and bleeding of the intestines
  • Cancer of the lymph nodes
  • Checking for Post-surgery infection

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